Benefits of Investing in St Lucia Citizenship Program

Benefits of Investing in St Lucia Citizenship Program

St Lucia is Above & Beyond and by owning a St Lucian passport should be considered prestigious and should be guarded with your heart and soul.

It means that you now have no travel restrictions and visa-free travel to 105 countries and would have a Passport Power Rank of 45, according to Arton Capital’s Passport Power Index including the entire European Union as well as being entitled to residency.

Some other benefits of investing in St Lucia Citizenship by Investment are:

  • If you are an investor you can now travel frequently with no visa restriction.
  • Should there be political & economic turmoil in you home country, simply beautiful Saint Lucia is open to you.
  • You can enjoy lifetime dual citizenship.
  • Your have FOUR option areas in which you can invest in the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment program which are either Cash, Real Estate, Investment in Bonds or Enterprise projects.

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