St Lucia Labour and Labour Legislation

Labour Law

The Labour Code sets guidelines for employment of persons, dismissal and payment of severance and other benefits.

Hours of Work
1. Maximum Weekly Hours – 40hrs work Week
2. Maximum Daily Hours – 8 hrs
3. Maximum overtime Hours – No limit (overtime issued at the discretion of Employer)


Over 40 hours per week – Time and a half
Sundays and legal public holidays – Double Time

Severance Pay

An employee must complete 104 weeks of work before being eligible for the following severance benefits:
1. First three years – One week/year.
2. Four to seven years – Two weeks/year.
3. Over seven years – Three weeks/year.
1. Monthly paid workers are entitled to a minimum of 14 working days vacation after one year.
2. Daily and fortnightly paid workers are entitled to minimum of 14 working days vacation after 150 days.
3. After 5 years of employment minimum 21 working days vacation per year.
Minimum Employment Age
The minimum employment age is sixteen. If an employee is below this age, the employer is required to keep a juvenile register. Education is mandatory, until the age of fifteen.


Dismissal can be without notice within the first 12 weeks thereafter:
1. 12 weeks to 2 years – 1 week notice
2. 2 years to 5 years – 2 weeks’ notice
3. 5 years to 10 years – 4 weeks’ notice
4. 10 years and above – 6 weeks’ notice

Dismissal due to repeated negligence, lack of skill, willful disobedience, misconduct, illegal activity, or absence from work without reasonable excuse does not require notice.

Minimum Wage
There is no national minimum wage. However, there is currently a minimum wage commission in effect to make recommendations’ on the legitimacy of establishing a minimum wage and the level at which this wage structure should be established.

(Note: This Commission according to the constitution must review the minimum wage every three (3) years).