St Lucia Visa-Free Countries

A St Lucia passport allows for visa-free travel to over 100 countries and territories worldwide and grants easy travel mobility to over 40 additional destinations through a fast and seamless e-Visa and/or visa on arrival process. The St Lucia passport is ranked the 32nd strongest in the world; an excellent rating befitting the significant financial rewards and enhanced travel opportunities provided through St Lucia visa-free countries access via the St Lucia passport. Additionally, minimal St Lucia passport basic requirements mean that even if you ultimately decide not to live on the island, you can still enjoy access to the “St Lucia Passport Visa Free Countries List” and the many additional advantages of a St Lucia passport.

St Lucia Passport Visa Free Countries List Highlights

Just a glance at the “Countries List” reveals a wealth of visa-free travel destinations in Europe, including the U.K and Ireland, as well France, Germany, Italy and the 23 other states which comprise the Schengen area. All of these places are immediately accessible with a St Lucia passport.

In addition to the best parts of Europe, the St Lucia “Visa Free Countries List” includes top destinations in South America, Asia, and Africa; Argentina, Singapore, and Kenya are just some of the top St Lucia visa-free countries around the world.

Additional highlights of the “St Lucia Passport Visa Free Countries List” includes vacation spots in the Northern Hemisphere, such as Bermuda, as well as Middle East destinations like Egypt and Tunisia.

What follows is the complete “St Lucia Passport Visa Free Countries List,” which also includes the many states and territories accessible via visa on arrival and/or E-visa with a St Lucia passport and St Lucia nationality.

Visa Free VS. E-Visa: What’s The Difference?

What does it mean to be visa free? Visa free access means you can enter the country without obtaining any kind of visa beforehand, as long as you have a passport.

While St Lucia provides visa-free access to the majority of states above, some of the countries on the list require an E-Visa or a visa-on arrival.

E-Visas are obtainable online through quick and easy processes requiring minimal effort or expense, simply by going on the country e-visa website.

Visas-on-arrival are similarly simple to obtain. For visas of this nature, you simply “apply” for a visa at your destination airport. The process usually takes under 10 minutes; for what is usually a small fee, you are granted a visa from the arrivals desk right after you land and go through the airport.

Ultimately, all three visa types allow for minimal hassle and maximum speed and efficiency when it comes to travel!


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